INFINITIVE. PAST TENSE. PAST PARTICIPLE. ZNACZENIE awake [ełejk] awoke [ełołk] awoken [ełołken], awoke [ełołk] obudzić, wzbudzić be [bi] was [łoz], were. czasowniki nieregularne w jezyku angielskim, irregular verbs, spis z tlumaczeniami. Ćwiczenia online. Zestawienie trzech form czasowników nieregularnych w języku angielskim. Teraz z nagraniami mp3 – posłuchaj wymowy wszystkich.

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Angielskie czasowniki nieregularne – Angielski – Języki –

Have you heard the latest news? Could you hold it for a moment? Tom was about to brust into tears. They haven’t beaten us yet.

Czasowniki nieregularne Język angielski + ćwiczenia

Have you ever been to Rome? I am working now. Where daddy put his car? If a student loses his key, he should report the loss to the administration. Don’t let her keep you from your responsibilities. It’s a quarter past eight. Can you hear me?


Slowly she turned around. I had been listening. I drive to work. GoneTeddyHi. I saw a lot of nice dresses yesterday and I chose the red one. The boy had always learned quickly.

A slumber did my spirit seal. My dog has grown and it is quite big now. Llewelyn Tippingopublikowana w r. I dropped my phone but Emily caught it. She never forgets about friends’ birthday. I drink a coffee every morning. In autumn leaves fall from the trees. I’ve forgotten where I put my book.

Angielski – Czasowniki nieregularne

You need to learn to live with them. She turned around slowly. Has your dog ever bitten you? This child I to myself will take I left the building an hour ago. Never in history had technology made such spectacular advances.

He plays tennis every day. I found a stain on my shirt. Every day I catch the bus to work. The man who lives next door is a doctor.

I held the wallet tight in my czasoowniki. What time do you leave for school? Czasownik w stronie biernej ulega transformacji. I fell when I was dancing at the party last night. The house Tom built is wonderful.


Czasowniki nieregularne (irregular verbs) – Gramatyka angielska –

Nieco inaczej jest w pytaniach. Liczebniki od 1 do 10 [98]:. We’ll bring some crisps. I shall have listened. I was a very good student at school.

I drank delicious juice yesterday. Lay your suitcase next to mine. Do tej grupy zaliczamy czasowniki to beto have oraz czasowniki modalne. Mary and I became good friends.