Originally part of the Aztec diet, the kiwicha point would reach Asia where its taste , texture and nutritional Kiwicha is a gluten-free grain, valor-nutricional Actualmente, los diversos organismos de salud en el mundo consideran a nuestros granos andinos un súper alimento, debido a su elevado valor nutricional. Oscar blanco. Descripción La kiwicha crece en Perú, Bolivia, el sur de Ecuador y el noroeste de Argentina, y ha sido introducida a países como.

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The kinetic parameters determined during fermentation and post-fermentation Table 4 indicate the best viability of the probiotics in nitricional formulations of type 3 compared to formulations of type 2. Kiwicha Amaranthus caudatus Linnaesu is an Andean grain rich in protein that has a chemical composition of protein Ciencia, Tecnologia e Ingenieria17 2 The viability of probiotics in drinks improved with the increase of hydrolyzed kiwicha in the composition of the drink during fermentation and post fermentation, and jiwicha good tolerance to pH.

Finally, using a sieve, the liquid portion of the hydrolyzed, rich in carbohydrates HLK was separated from the solid part kieicha cake, rich in protein; previously, the enzyme was deactivated in the liquid fraction by boiling and the evaporated water levels restored, then it is bottled hot, cooled quickly and frozen for later use. In addition, consumption of oligosaccharides favors the proliferation of bifid bacteria in the colon, which are beneficial and combat pathogen bacteria.

Kiwicha – Produsur Andean

Production of a yogurt-like product from Lupinus campestris seeds. Lactobacillus paracasei; Bifid bacterium longum; hydrolyzed kiwicha; tarwi; probiotic drinks. Dairy and non-dairy probiotic beverages.

Food Research International41 2 Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition55 4 In the 1L, 1B and 1LB formulations, acidity only reached 0. Compuestos bioactivos derivados de amaranto y quinua.


Kiwicha is known by different names in the countries where it is harvested or eaten. The amount of juice obtained was regulated to obtain mL of juice for every g of tarwi. The hypothesis was confirmed since the results show that the presence of hydrolyzed kiwicha in its liquid form HLK in the formulations with tarwi juice generates favorable effects in the viability of probiotic bacteria used.

Probiotic microorganisms mainly come from bacteria, principally in the Lactobacillus and bifid bacterium types, but not exclusively.

Amaranthus caudatus

There are currently more than 60 different species of it. Rich in calcium, grams of this product has twice as much of this mineral as milk. In addition you can make the kiwicha flake, ideal as cereal for breakfast milk complement, yogurt, kisicha.

The viability of the microorganisms assessed increases during post-fermentation even with low pH; the monoculture of lactobacillus paracasei and the co-culture of lactobacillus paracasei with Bifido bacterium longum showed favorable effects compared with the single use in the monoculture of Bifido bacterium longumwhose growth slows down with the decrease in pH.

The juice obtained was boiled for 5 -7 min to avoid degradation and also as a measure to increase its shelf life.

The application of probiotic cultures in several dairy and non-dairy food matrixes in the production of drinks may affect the viability of probiotics, its capacity to adapt in several substrates, the falor conditions, pH variations, acidity and its behavior in post-fermentation and the sensorial characteristics in the products. Kiwicha is a gluten-free grain, also rich in iron and containing potassium, zinc and manganese. The sensorial assessment was carried out by six trained judges.

The viability of probiotics in the different formulations was improved in the following order: Functional Properties of Microorganisms in Fermented Foods.

Centro de Información al Consumidor de Amaranto

The dried grains of tarwi and kiwicha came from the District of Cotahuasi, Province of La Union, Arequipa Peru purchased from local suppliers. However, after debittering or dehydration processes, it is used in several culinary dishes or to obtain lupine flour. Briefly, the grain was soaked for 2h 1 part of tarwi — 5 parts of waterthe soaking water was disposed iiwicha, and it was cooked for 40 min, twice. Additionally Dunnet’s test was applied to compare means referring to the initial number of microorganisms in each formulation in the post-fermentation.


An infusion made from the stems of this plant serves as effective laxative. In addition to these traditional products, new products have been developed based on fruits and vegetables, soy and cereals Tamang et al.

Duplication times td results from dividing the value of 0. This process continued for eight days, carrying out two water changes a day; the grain was pealed, followed by blanching for 1. The viability of the Bifid bacterium longum was reduced vlor the decrease in the pH, but improved in the co-culture with lactobacillus paracasei.

In addition, the sensory assessment was carried out for drinks with added flavors. A lower pH of 4. The use of kiwichaa liquid portion of hydrolyzed kiwicha in the production of probiotic drinks with tarwi juice improve the viability of the lactic bacteria assessed, especially when the amount of hydrolyzed increased.

Its scientific name is Amarathus caudatus L. The research carried out allowed kisicha the diversification in the use of tarwi and kiwicha as raw materials in the preparation of probiotic drinks. The effect of rice fibre fractions on the growth of co-cultures of probiotics.