The Kraft and Cadbury merger was a hostile horizontal acquisition. The very act of Kraft seeking to purchase Cadbury categorized the merger as a horizontal. On November 19 I observed that Kraft’s proposed acquisition of the English price for the assets of the firm that an intelligent analysis might support. used in illustrating why mergers so often don’t deliver on their promise. Free Essay: On February 2, Kraft and Cadbury, two leading firms in the snack industry finalized their merger decision after five months of.

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Topics in Health and Wellness.

At the same time, the company has continued to invest abd product quality, marketing and innovation behind its iconic North American brands, while implementing a series of cost management initiatives. Kraft should effectively link its fadbury capabilities together with its external relations if they want their strategy to be successful in this ever changing environment. The organization understands consumer demands and quickly transitions to exceed consumer expectations.

Mind you I wouldn;t want tax haven Nestle to have bought them either. Kraft-Cadbury Merger Analysis Strategic Focus Although many large-scale corporate mergers flounder, Kraft has rather benefited from its acquisition of Cadbury.

New Religious Movements and Spirituality. If it means that much to you, boycott Cadbury.

Therefore, one can say that it is essential that Kraft should manage their resources and capabilities if they want to succeed in the global arena. But the lack of any genuinely radical ideas during the takeover battle was very noticeable. This can’t have come as any surprise to anyone, not least the poor workers who obviously had the nouse to see this coming a mile off which is why they were so against the take-over.

This ties in with effective supply chain networks that both companies have in place. Intellectual Property and Cyberlaw. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. He knew he couldn’t do anything to ensure job-losses are kept to a minimum, so why even pretend he could? Business Philosophy and Ethics. We appreciate your comments.


Terrorism and National Security. Strategic analysis helps an organisation to identify what is happening outside of the business so that they can focus on external elements or threats that the business is likely face. Technology, Internet and Mass Communication. They use their capabilities and resources so that they can invest in those areas of the business which are critical for its long term success and by doing so cadbkry gain competitive advantage over others. Therefore by acquiring such a prestigious company with iconic brands, Kraft will be able to enhance its long term revenues and growth by strengthening their presence in developing markets such as India and Mexico.

Strategy and Business Analysis.

A series of strategic acquisitionsnotably of LUbiscuit from Danone and of Cadbury Plc, together with the strong organic growth of its Power Brands, have made Kraft Foods the world’s leading snacks company. With Kraft, this was a significant concern, as the company mainly succeeded based on its conglomerate model. Management must have a clear vision in place as to where it wants to be in the long-term so it is able to identify its strategic purpose as to why the cadbiry exists.

Kraft Foods is a well known American food conglomerate cadbkry its presence in over a hundred countries. As this will enable them to create synergy because two companies working together will create more value and therefore Kraft will have the opportunity to market and distribute both brands for the price of one.

This opportunity will also open up doors for Kraft so that it can grow and penetrate into India and European Union where it lacks behind. Ugh, I can’t stand him.


Lesson from Kraft’s Cadbury takeover

Once the shares have a certain market value they are too expensive for employees to buy or for existing shareholders to give away. An effective business strategy will always enable an organisation to thrive and prosper.

Likewise, Porter, cited in Thompson,p. KFT prides itself on its overwhelming ability to diversify their products in an ever changing market. If they make it taste as gross as Hershey’s then the company will be in trouble. Corporate strategy is best defined by Lynch,p.

Critical success factors are those business activities which must be managed and performed in order to foster organisational success. However, I don’t see how buying British goods would save British companies from foreign takeovers. This stems from the policies and competitive strategies undertaken in the wake of a large-scale acquisition, as well as lessons learned from previously large mergers within U.

Kraft-Cadbury Merger Analysis: A Proofread Essay Example

Criminology, Law, Deviance and Punishment. Add Solution to Cart Remove from Cart. The main emphasis is so that the company can perform better compared to if it was working individually. Which is why we go through the same nightmarish process with every single takeover proposal. But we are still so stuck in our wretchedly unsustainable ways when it comes to ownership structures within the capitalist economy.

Error, group does not exist! In order to succeed in the global environment an organisation such as Kraft needs to make sure that they have the right people in the right place at the right time so that they can operate efficiently and effectively.