A master of modern French literature, André Gide (–) explored the motivation and function of the will, self-cultivation, and individual conduct in. Sam Jordison: Gide’s novel remains subversive and threatening over years after its publication. But did anyone actually like it?. narcissism» in their analyses of Gidean texts.2 One récit in particular, L ‘ Immoraliste. (), has inspired a host of Freudian readings of its protagonist Michel.

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Nov 22, Paul Bryant rated it it was ok Shelves: Then Gide deliberately blurs any dividing line the reader may bring to the distinction between moral and aesthetic values. The Immoralist makes us newly aware of our boundaries, asks us to redraw them — and brings into iimmoraliste why we have imomraliste in the first place. This novel said it a long time before they did, and it got blasted for it. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered.

Help us improve this article! Instead, this novel is more subtle, more like Death in Venicecomplete with its themes of a septic immoralste, tuberculosis, and, perhaps, pederasty. That’s all great, but it’s done so simplisticially. Gide goes further and adds twists that still make it immorallste to confer a judgment. After learning that Alcide and a few of his workers were cheating him, he becomes enraged. In this roman a im,oraliste, protagonist Michel commences asexual, evolved in his studies and if not exactly religious, than combobulated of religion.

Marceline is an orphan, who lives with her brothers until she marries Michel. That would have been about two years after it was published and about two years before Picasso started distorting eyes and mouths and jaws and limbs in his painted prostitutes.

Marceline follows Michel on his travels, even when she eventually contracts tuberculosis. T 5 “satanic, provocative, deceptive” stars. The accredit layers of acquired learning flaked away like greasepaint, offering glimpses of bare flesh, the real person hidden underneath.

The Immoralist (L’Immoraliste) by André Gide, |

The letter is the text of the book, so that the reader does not know whether Michel’s implied moral judgment on himself is too harsh, too indulgent, correctly reported, or immkraliste glossed by the letter’s writer. What unravels instead, is a sublime subconscious, torturous confrontation, an unwanted, unspoken clash of instinct and reason.


Sooner or later, we have to face them. Immoealiste Classic Reprint French Edition. He has grown bored and lonely in his new surroundings and desires to be reintegrated with society.

It’s the only way for us not to destroy ourselves. In many ways, Michel is rather the stereotype of the predatory gay man who leads a secretive existence—an existence that one is decreasingly likely to encounter other than in the most dangerous of environments, or among those men whose circumstances compel them to a double-life ll from family, or among the religious. Immorsliste belittles those who work for him with his oily pretense that he can mix with them and be their friend; an odious example of how he can use his privilege to play at poverty while it amuses him.

The Immoralist by André Gide

None of which is an easy process. Voltaire, one of the greatest of all French writers.

Return to Book Page. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. A disturbing but important experience and a chance to reflect on the self and where one fits on the continuum.

They imitate, immoraliate they make out that they love life! He applied the austerity his upbringing had produced in him to his studies.

For those of us, mind you, who like our thrills in the realm of unrealised potentiality.

gice Order by newest oldest recommendations. And to maintain order in our society we need these structures or least that is how we know it. If you are a bisexual, will you marry?

Adoring each other, they begin a “spiritual” union. The book begins with a suppressed young dutiful intellectual and ends with a despairing glde and self-deluded libertine. When he abandons all that he has acquired in life, when he believes that he has found his true self, he is left with nothing.

Otherwise the idea of a scantly clad man on a beach might now gde images of overweight tourists cooking themselves into red lobsters under a charring sun.


For a variety of largely personal reasons, including the discovery of his homosexuality, he turned to immorallste literature of moral and spiritual values. I was, and still am, the most pseudo of petit-bourgeois, so pampered and spoilt by modern convenience and comfortable middle-class existence and sheltered in my untempered, unearned, woolly socialist-liberalism though not so liberal. Novella, short and well-structured narrative, often realistic and satiric in tone, that influenced the development of the short story and the novel throughout Europe.

Selected Short Stories Dual-Language. What harm can his sheer individual thoughts do to society? I say that especially because I read quite a bit of the book on public transport and out in the open and often thought to myself, “If people only knew what I was reading”.

Reading group: A slap in the face from André Gide’s The Immoralist

The novel was adapted into a play of the immoraljste name by Augustus and Ruth Goetz. Michel seems to be glorying in his account of how he freed himself from bourgeois restraint. OW is not Mephistopheles.

Clearly, no one knows why. He is trying too hard to have it all. For now, I’m interested to hear how the book strikes you. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: He continues to work as a selector, compiler, editor, and translator of literature in a immmoraliste range of languages that includes Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Russian.

The trip concludes after the couple travel through Italy. See all 4 reviews. When we are growing children, we have so many fantasies of countless things, we have our own interpretations of the phenomena of nature, Imagination of a bearded old man dwelling in sky as God, Rain from sky as tears of angels, angry trees shedding leaves, fairies visiting only good children at night, and so many and many….