A grief-stricken widower learns to open his heart again in this touching and emotionally charged novel from New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer. Set in , in Spencer’s (Small Town Girl) hometown of Browerville, Minn., this gentle tale of forbidden love (which Spencer says will be her last book) brings. But if you enjoy a leisurely book that captures the life of a bygone time, you will probably enjoy Then Came Heaven. This is LaVyrle Spencer’s.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Eddie is touched by the tact and concern of the nun towards his two.

Dove Entertainment Inc Availability: Dec 31, Pages Buy. Joseph’s church is a central part of their lives. This book introduced me to LaVyrle; how sad I was when I learned she was no longer writing.

It was about a nun who fell in love with a widow and his children. I am so glad that I gave it a chance. This one is set in her old hometown Browerville MN and she tells about her trip back to the town and the names she uses in the novel in Author’s Note at the beginning of the book. Re-reading this, I don’t know that I loved it as much as I did that first time. A Literary Guild Main Selection.

Then Came Heaven

Skip to main content. Then Came Heaven is the story of Eddie, whose wife Krystyna d I really thought I’d already given this one a read since I love LaVyrle Spencer, this book has been on my shelf for years now and I was sure that I had read all her novels. Jul 26, Pages. Then, their world is turned upside-down when Krystyna is killed in a car-train accident. I have read and own all of her books and this was the last one I read in order this time The way the author describes the emotions of these people is so realistic that I feel like I’m there with them, and I ache for the people left behind when Krystyna dies–although I always wonder why she raced that train when it’s clear she couldn’t make it from the enginee I love this book.


Then Came Heaven — All About Romance

Thdn SelectionCan love survive a shattering loss? Truly a charming, delightful read. Regina had had a vocation to be a nun since she was a very young girl but now, in her early thirties, she is muddled and beginning to lavyrls whether she has done the right thing in renouncing the chance vame have a husband and family in favour of a way of life she is coming to find increasingly unfulfilling.

There is plenty of good stuff here. The book also convinced me thoroughly that I could never be a nun. The nuns and their life are depicted with truth and fairness.

It is, after all, a romance and Spencer is good at this so you may find yourself misty-eyed in spite of yourself.

Sister Regina is forbidden by Holy Law to show any real feelings towards the children or Mr. I think the author spent so much time establishing the setting and telling the story of the community itself, that she lost the sense for Eddie and Regina. This being LaVryle Spencers last book, I am sorry not to have any more of her books to read, but I enjoyed the ones she did write.

Deep inside, they realize there is something between them’more than a kinship, a connection that somehow goes beyond their shared love of Krystyna and the girls.


About this product Synopsis ‘ A Literary Guild? Spencer is known for creating realistic characters and stories that focus on families rather than only the relationship between a man and woman. Jan 25, Mindy Mcc rated it really liked it.

The story begins on a late summer day, when a train and a car race to the crossing, and the car loses. As a reader, you are so drawn in, and you feel the pain of the family who have lost Krystyna, the woman who was the centre of their life.

This is an updated review and even if this was not one of my favorite books by LaVyrle Spencer, who, for me, is truly a gifted romance author, this is still lavyrpe lovely and very tender read. I really thought I’d already given this one a read since I love LaVyrle Spencer, this book has been on my shelf for years now and I was sure that I had read all her novels.

Eddie and Jean were likable characters, but they were not as memorable as Jesse and Abigail from Spenced. A devoted husband and father, a man of unshakable faith, he derives intense pleasure from the life he’s built with his beloved wife, Krystyna, lavydle their two daughters, and is the dedicated handyman for St.