Bradley said: Carl Sagan is a big. Start by marking “Los dragones del Eden. Los dragones del Edén es un libro mítico, publicado por vez primera en y. Los dragones del Edén: Especulaciones sobre la evolución de la inteligencia humana, es un libro escrito por Carl Sagan en El libro fue galardonado con. Buy Los dragones del Edén: especulaciones sobre la evolución de la inteligencia humana by Carl Sagan, Rafael Andreu Aznar (ISBN: ) from.

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Los dragones del Edén

It has aged far too much to be reliable. Follow CajalesyGalileos on WordPress.

Jovany Agathe rated it did not like it Aug 26, Philosophy and basic math and the broad strokes were good. Carl Sagan is a big name, or at least he used to be.

Through the extraordinary lives of four unique chimps we experience an intense political drama and bloody conflict […]. Yes it is a good thought provoker dragoes contemplate that chimps should not be kept in effectively jail cells in scientific institutions.

Los dragones del Edén – Wikiquote

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I now know why female praying mantises bite the male’s head off during mating, too. I don’t know enough about neuroscience or anatomy to say if the science in this still holds eagan The film came out after Sagan’s death, following a 2-year struggle with a bone marrow disease.


Me sorprende que tenga tantas calificaciones positivas.

In their posthumous award to Dr. Want to Read saving…. And yet there are times when societies must change.

Los dragones del Eden. Especulaciones sobre la evolución de la inteligencia humana

Sagan was notoriously too optimistic and wishfully positive about human nature. So what did I have a problem with? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If your brain has presented to you this question, then this might just be the book for you. Some of the speculations on computer science and artificial intelligence still apply …more Definitely, I just read it this year and it has aged very well.

Rodrigo Franco Definitely, I just read it this year and it has aged very well. Un libro, en muchos aspectos desfasado.

Los dragones del Edén – Carl Sagan | CajalesyGalileos

Still, it retains much interest and beauty for the dedicated Carl Sagan fan. It’s hard to know what is speculation, what was accepted as fact inwhat has been proved true, and what’s been superseded. Published February 28th by Grijalbo first published Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence. Dragoness Harris rated it did not like it Dec 27, The evolution of the brain is the focus and Sagan talks a lot about the “reptilian” brain, the part that we had before we became human.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Here is a slightly-less technical version: Sagan was actually wrong about this, your dden sense will be relieved to know.

Sagan’s speculations on the evolution of human intelligence.

If I was reading this 40 years ago or even 30 years ago, I’d nod energetically at a lot of the ideas. Published February 28th by Grijalbo first published This is controversial, for sure, but it’s curious how he links several creation myths—Greek, Genesis—to “dragons,” which he defines as now-extinct larger, more dangerous reptiles which preyed upon mammals, including humans.

But other than the series Cosmo or the movie with Jodi Foster, he was known for his speculation in It is in significant part a right-hemisphere activity; and in the course of writing I was repeatedly awakened in the middle of night or in the early hours of the morning by the mild exhilaration of a new insight.