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He is the author of eight books and numerous articles in national and international journals in the marketing and retailing fields. The figure 1 sums up this procedure. It was indeed our belief that we needed very accurate but versatile insights from this rich amount of data. A spatial generalisation procedure based on adaptive neighbourhoods was finally proposed, so as to produce market map from individual probabilities of adopting a given service.

Flexible discriminant analysis was then used here, using the “MDA” code provided by the authors for the R package. Indeed, people are asked to give their opinion about a conjectural but realistic transport scenario. Using multiple correspondence analysis, factorial co-ordinates are calculated, leading to a reduction of the initial dataset.

Nevertheless, since the sixties, the point of view favoured changed much [Hartgen, ]. Direct Marketing and Geographic Information. Geomarketing based surveys, combining revealed and modified stated preferences, called “caused preferences”, are a powerful way of acquiring geomarketjng an accurate information. Indeed, the rate of daily journeys to work decreases, while the rate of leisure trips augments. Retail Location m Geographic.

As figure 8 show, the computation burden involved by the two non-parametric solutions is worth while, as the classification performance of the procedure is clearly increased. First, a versatile adaptation of the much classical discrete choice modelling approach was proposed, based on the adaptive strategy of geomzrketing additive modelling.

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The alternative proposed should then be firmly engaged, from a political and commercial point of view. Since several decades, French urbanisation evolves in a way that can hardly yeomarketing seen favourable to public transportation. Advertising Policy and Geographic Information. In a first step, revealed preferences were collected to the maximum number of people, using a self-filled questionnaire.


Aumentar Original jpeg, 56k. Indeed, it sometimes seems quite unreal to propose collective solutions to individual behaviours, due to their complexity and diversity.

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As Torrens and Alberti, state: A visual information is thought to help accelerating this involvement process. Geomarketing based surveys, combining re and stated preferences, are a powerful way of acquiring such an accurate information.

Three scenarii were proposed, combining three attributes related to the comfort of the trip, its timing and its price Figure 2. Libroa adaptive procedure helped us providing a virtual service as realistic as possible. Cubic spline functions were used during the calibration process, allowing us to handle the complex relationships showed before.

It cannot remain on its traditional target, that is daily journeys to work during rush hours, within densely populated areas of towns. This development has to be connected with the changing way of life, and will probably be amplified by the decrease of working time. More, it has to be adapted to re actual experiences of the respondent. First, it was seen as an aid to calibrate the upcoming service, mainly regarding parameters such as waiting time, travel time, arrival time and price.

St-Valery-en-Caux, France, September Geomarketong survey can therefore be seen as a commercial lever, as well as a reliable way of getting precious data.

Second, during the survey, respondents have to be presented with much more information than they would have in making their travel decisions. In this context, a strategy was proposed, based on the combination of miscellaneous methods. Price and Geographic Information. From this point, the problem of spatial generalisation can then be handled. In other words, it is not possible to conduct “controlled” experiments or laboratory tests to ascertain how travellers would behave under hypothetical situations.

He is an expert in geomarketing and is advisor in this capacity to many large French companies. Railway stations have then become major flow generators, covering schedules seldom served by public transport services early in the morning and late in the evening. Furthermore, as individuals gave us their personal address when filling the self-filled questionnaire, a very accurate spatial information was constituted.


The basic idea is incontestably simple, as John Paterson summed it up in a humorous allocution: Of course, this basic model can be desegregated according to the available census data, using indicators such as age, sex or profession.

A direct consequence of this evolution is that polarised flows towards towns and town centres are not as much representative as before of the spatial pattern of daily flows, as fringe flows take more and more importance. The revealed preferences questionnaire was distributed systematically to each traveller, while the caused preferences one was addressed to the maximum number of people during the available time.

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This kind of survey is thus well adjusted when we need to appreciate the market for a new transport alternative, for which we have no previous experience.

Otras ediciones – Ver todo Geomarketing: Nevertheless, beyond this fact, two more remarks can be ,ibros. Then, a procedure dedicated to the production of market maps, through spatial generalisation, will be exposed. Nevertheless, such an improvement would imply a more consistent sample. And for nearly four hundred of them, individual characteristics and revealed preferences are only known.


Finally, the problem can be seen as a discrimination one: By dynamically linking several figures, we are indeed able to see how the phenomenon they represent interact, and to lead multidimensional visual exploration of the underlying data set.

Aumentar Original png, 2,0k. More, it seems that the product concept has to be “sold” to the respondent from the very first contact.