Franco may have won the war, but he lost the literature. So finds Nick Caistor in Soldiers of Salamis by Javier Cercas. Javier Cercas’s Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) is a hybrid, metafictional (or self-reflective) blend of fiction and fact, novel and. Soldados de Salamina: Soldiers of Salamis. Javier Cercas, Author TusQuets $ (p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author.

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The novel is divided into three sections.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Those who died Falangists, were heroes, but those who died Republicans were reviled as vermin.

Javier Cercas

He exalted time-honoured values – loyalty, courage – but practised treachery and cowardice, and contributed more than most to the brutalisation the Falange’s rhetoric inflicted on these values; he also exalted old institutions – the monarchy, the family, religion, the fatherland – but didn’t lift a finger to bring a king to Spain, ignored his family, often living apart from them, would have exchanged all of Catholicism for a single canto of The Divine Comedy and as for the fatherland, well, no-one knows what the fatherland is, or maybe it’s simply an excuse for venality or sloth Retrieved 24 November As an examination of what makes someone sell his soul for an illusion for something he very likely knows is an illusionCdrcas think this is unsurpassed, at least in my reading.

Yes, the Chilean writer has a major part in this book.

Salamin Facebook Google Print. Although he was no longer young and lacked the physical strength, courage and even the essential conviction to be one – but not a family whose innocent sleep of bourgeois beatitude he wished to preserve – Sanchez Mazas also felt it, and thus abandoned literature to give himself over to the cause with priestly devotion. A film adaptation Soldados de Salamina was released in See what he did there? At so,dados, the narrator of the book believes that this scar has nothing to do with him, that it does not affect him.


Soldados de Salamina: Soldiers of Salamis

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Untypical of a typical history book, this post modern version is divided into three sections. I particularly enjoyed the many conversations between Cercas and Bolano.

The tale is written as if the author is retelling what he has heard, giving it a personal approach. What is history after all? Not only was the country split in two during the civil war, but there followed 40 years of rule by one side that sought to deny any virtues to its adversaries.

For the strategists, for the politicians, for the historians, it is all clear: This dramatic episode from the last days javiet the Civil War sounds almost too jjavier an inspiration to be true for a blocked writer as both narrator and author are said to have been: I thought so too. Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata. View all 11 comments.

An order comes for them to execute their nationalist prisoners, among them Sanchez Mazas, one of the ideologues whose inflamed rhetoric brought catastrophe to Spain in the first place.

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Strums a chord in your heart. Are there instances when it is better to leave them as they are?

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Cercas, the struggling novelist, tried to identify who that militiaman was and what went on right at that moment inside that person’s mind that made him decide not to kill the poet. Cercas thinks many Spanish people of his generation have been reluctant to write about the Civil War which was experienced directly by their grandparents’ generation.

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One of which is this one: So anyway, after Franco died, Spain was lucky enough to have had good King Juan Carlos named by Franco as his successor, and as we all know, he was a spanking good chap who helped Spain along and even through a second right-wing coup attempt on its teetering legs towards Democracy. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The book’s title is a metaphorical allusion to the famous Battle of Salamis in which the Athenian fleet defeated the Persians.

However, Miralles will neither confirm nor deny having been the soldier to save Mazas. View all 5 comments. Miralles is a veteran not only of the Spanish Civil War in which he is on the losing, Republican side but also of World War Two, in which he fights—ceaselessly, without respite—as a member of the French Foreign Legion, from North Africa to Normandy to Paris he is in the first Allied unit to liberate the French capital and on to Germany and Austria.

Cercas discovers him sequestered in a retirement home in his old age.