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Contacting a local branch

How do I find additional information in my regional Barclays branch?
While we do not list direct contact info to different sections with this website, you may use the branch locator tool (opens in a new window) to locate the address and telephone number for the community branch.
In case you would rather consult with your company Servicing group, please telephone us 0800 027 1321* and we'll help answer any questions that might have or place you in touch with your dating team.
Should you not actually have a company account with Barclays and might love to get more information about the way we're able to assist you to personally, you could telephone us 0800 015 4242* email us or complete a very simple form and we'll call you within 3 hours per day. **
If you're a UK firm having a turnover of less than6.5 million please see Business Banking (opens in a new window).
Contacting my servicing staff
How do I touch my own Licensed Banking Servicing Team?
Being an Present customer of Barclays Corporate Banking, please telephone us 0800 027 1321* to have in Touch using a business expert from the Organization Banking Team in Barclays. They could give you expertise and data on a assortment of services and products and Solutions, and also help answer any questions that you might have.
For advice about what exactly Corporate Banking at Barclays will encourage your business, see Corporate Banking Sector Experience and see more regarding your industry.
Current FX Prices
Where do I discover exactly what current foreign currency prices are?
Corporate Banking at Barclays now offers customers the power to send payments and ease spot FX prices in over 75 monies. An indicator of foreign currency rates can be found.
These prices are for information purposes only of course, in the event that you're considering trading you ought to confer with a Dating Manager who are able to place you in touch with all our Risk Solutions Group's forex pros.
If you're a UK firm by having a yearly turnover of6.5 million and also would like to modify into Corporate Banking at Barclays, you may contact us via telephone on 0800 015 4242* email or finish a very simple form and we'll get you within 3 hours per business day**.
If you're a UK firm having a turnover of over6.5 million trip Company Banking (opens in a new window).

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